N-able Reflects on 2022 Highlights that Helped Its Partners Achieve Success


Global N-able Partners End 2022 with Significant Cost Savings, Increased Security Posture, and New Business Leads as Company Continues Commitment to “Putting Partners First”

N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), a global software company helping IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as-a-service, and security solutions, wraps up 2022 by recapping significant wins for its partners. Over the last 12 months, N-able accelerated its mission to empower partner success through key product launches, fresh educational resources, and expert guidance to help partners improve and scale their business.

In May 2022, N-able launched Cove Data Protection™, the cloud-first data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) solution that modernizes data protection for business-class backup and disaster recovery. Currently, more than 12,700 N-able partners are utilizing the solution to help prevent data loss across more than 148,000 businesses and over 1.3 million Microsoft 365 end users.

“With Cove, my direct margins are better. I was able to get rid of a lot of fixed costs, and it’s made a marked impact on our labor costs,” said Glen Buhler, Oxygen Technologies. “Just in licensing costs, I’m going to save a quarter of a million dollars a year.”

Looking at the security front for the past year, N-able has helped its community strengthen their security posture and helped partners:

  • Mitigate more than 14 billion malicious emails (phishing, malware, spam, etc.) through N-able Mail Assure
  • Block more than 11.5 million threats through EDR
  • Protect more than 4.4m credentials and 3.8m assets through Passportal

This year MarketBuilder, a platform that provides MSPs with campaigns they can quickly and easily brand and use in their own sales and marketing programs, has helped 500 MSP partners gain over 6,700 leads.

Another program that has contributed to partner success is the Head Nerds. In 2022, they were joined by almost 10,000 partners for dedicated “Office Hours” and “Boot Camps” covering a wide range of topics including cloud, security, automation, and sales and marketing support to help MSPs navigate the ever-changing marketplace, learn, and grow.

The Automation Cookbook has grown from 438 recipes in January 2022 to 745 as of November 2022, which allows partners to use scripts that have either been created by the Head Nerds or other MSP partners and shared within the community.

“The Head Nerd events are ‘snackable’ in that they are delicious, informative, and you walk away feeling satisfied without feeling bloated or feeling like you wasted time,” said Hai Le, 4D Molecular Therapeutics. “I look forward to seeing what the Head Nerds have going on every month and I recommend them to my staff.”

A new series of programs created for N-able partners in 2022 are around Business Transformation. These sessions included great insight into best practices combined with peer sharing from MSPs of different maturity levels while delivering several actionable improvements that MSPs can take back with them to transform their business. Approximately 170 participants attended sessions in the U.S. and UK.

In terms of events, this year N-able brought back its partner-focused event, Empower, in-person in Las Vegas. In October, the conference saw more than 450 in attendance representing 230 companies from nine countries. Other event highlights of 2022 included the distributer conference held in Salzburg, Austria. This event saw 71 distributor attendees representing 40 distribution companies​ across 28 countries. Several N-able roadshows were held throughout the year including locations of South Africa, London, and Amsterdam.

“We are committed to help partners meet the needs of their customers by delivering both powerful, easy-to-use products alongside resources and face time with our experts to help them thrive,” said John Pagliuca, CEO, N-able. “It is great to reflect on 2022, but it is also the time to look ahead to the new year. While no industry is recession proof, managed services is more ‘recession resilient’ than some, given the mission critical role of MSPs. We believe 2023 will see our partners become even stronger, more profitable, and able to make an even bigger difference for the global small and medium enterprises they serve.”

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